My Name is Alex Masu

I currently live in South Africa,

I started photography in late 2008; I was looking for a hobby that would tie in well with all the travelling I was doing at the time. Back in high school and university I did a lot art particularly detailed pencil and pen drawings but once I joined the ranks of the employed it became very difficult to find time to do massive sketches and or any sizable pieces of work, so photography was a good creative alternative at the time. I stop taking pictures for about 3 years 2014 to 2016, my schedule just got too busy but in late 2016 I started again.

There is no specific style or subject matter that I stick to, I like to experiment alot and try new techniques.

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs

Ansel Adams
Some guy who took alot of photos in the early 1900s 😉

So what do you do full time?  I work in investment banking, but I studied to be a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Cape Town.

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Winner of the Environment/Eco Category Capture Joburg Competition 2012

Zoo Lake In Black and White

The competition, titled “Capture Joburg”, was aimed at:

  • Encouraging, promoting and recognising the city’s young photographers; and
  • Promoting “Destination Joburg” through photography on an ongoing basi


The Celebrate African Children Project, Selected for Publishing – 2012

Picture of Caleb, 2011

This international photographic competition designed to promote up and coming photographers, and to celebrate the diversity and richness of growing up as a child in this Multi-faceted continent called Africa. The best photographs with the theme of Children in Africa were chosen by a panel of judges, and will be compiled into a book. As soon as the book is published i’ll put up a link


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